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SensatioNail & Rubis

After months of decorating and moving house my nails had taken a huge beating and were in desperate need of a LOT of love. The combination of using the SensatioNail deluxe starter kit and the Rubis Switzerland scissors is just something only dreams can create, and right at the perfect time also!

The kit contains 1 uv lamp with wall plug, 1 bottle of gel polish, 1 nail file, 1 cuticle stick and around 10 cotton pads.

So first I started off with a very basic manicure, the Rubis scissors, which are definitely the most sturdy nail scissors I have come across, were able to trim my nails within seconds and didn’t leave any rough or sharp edges anywhere! I then did a quick file and shape, and fixed my horrendous cuticles and finished with a quick exfoliation to get rid of the last few bits.

I have an obsession with following the instructions to things down to a fine art, so as per the instructions I buffed away the top layer of my nails so that they were no longer shiny so that the gel had something to hold onto. I started with painting my thumb nails and cured those before moving onto the rest of my hands.

Basic manicure to give the best finish!

I think I may have used a little too much of a thick cost the first time around though as when I washed up a few hours later the polish bubbled and lifted pretty badly.

I did however try again the next morning and made sure to use 2 thinner coats of gel and cured them for a little longer each, and had no issues with bubbling or lifting and after daily housework for the past 10 days I’m happy to say that my nails have lasted really well and they feel as strong as ever!

Perfectly painted nails that last around 3 weeks!

The SensatioNail Express Nail kit comes in only a few different shades but they do stock colours seperately so it becomes easy to choose a shade to match your mood.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results that this product can create and I will be sure to keep using this as long as I can!

Hannah x

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