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PureSpa|Thorpe Wood

Every girl deserves a Spa day once in a while and if you can spend it with your favourite person in the world then it’s just 100x better,. I absolutely loved my recent experience at Pure Spa in Thorpe Wood so I’m here today sharing it with you!

Outside the David Lloyd Club

We arrived at the David Lloyd club in Thorpe Wood around 15 minutes before our scheduled appointment and were warmly welcomed at the reception desk, we were then shown around to all the different rooms and areas that we would need to know, such as the changing area, where to find robes and shoes, relaxation rooms, toilets and treatment rooms.

The girls at the front desk were very welcoming and warming.

The changing room (which is still to be fitted with separate cubicles) was lovely and warming, there were plenty of robes and shoes neatly placed in secured lockers one end, a cabinet with more shoes and robes the other end, a comfy sofa to the side and a jug of fresh water and glasses opposite.

Ben enjoying the the use of the relaxation room.

We got changed into our robes pretty quickly and headed off to the relaxation room where we found 3 wicker loungers dressed with grey cushions, purple accessories and a selection of magazines laid out on each one. Across the other side there was a salt rock lamp which created great mood lighting and a wide selection of herbal teas and more water (hydration is key!). In the 10 minutes or so we were in the relaxation room I felt like I could have comfortably slept for a while!

Both of us relaxing while waiting for our treatments.

Becky and Paige walked us down to the treatment room which was again very relaxing and calming, we opted for a double room so there were two massage tables, two chairs, and a small sink area where the girls could clean up. The treatment started off with a foot soak and exfoliation for even more relaxation. I opted for a Swedish massage and Ben opted for a Deep tissue massage.

Great selection of magazines and herbal teas to keep us occupied.

Both girls were great at their jobs, checking the pressure was enough, talking us through the treatment so we knew what to expect, and the massages were amazing! We both came out of the room feeling the most refreshed and relaxed than we have in such a long time.

How relaxing does the treatment room look!?

Of all of my Spa experiences PureSpa has to be the most welcoming and the friendliest place to visit, I cannot recommend Becky, Paige or the rest of the lovely staff at PureSpa enough for their hospitality and their skills! I will definitely be going back soon for another massage, and maybe a mani pedi, and just make a whole day of it!

Hannah x

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