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Mac|Matte Royale

Being the type of girl that strictly wears nude shades, Matte Royale was a HUGE step for me, but I fell in love with a swatch online and I knew I just had to have it in my collection.

MAC lipsticks have and always will be one of my favourite branded lipsticks, the product quality, longevity and look is just right up there for me and I will never be swayed from that. This shade is absolutely no exception to that in the slightest, the formula is totally opaque with a strong matte finish and it lasts THE WHOLE DAY! The undertones do however stain a little and I found myself scrubbing to remove it after a long day, but to be fair, I would much rather struggle to remove a lipstick than I would struggle to keep it on!

Although I still haven’t plucked up the courage to wear a blue lipstick anywhere but in the safety of my own house, I will eventually get there and when I do, I’m going to rock the hell out of it!

Hannah x


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