About Lipstickluck

I started blogging in January 2015 under HannahKimberley22, around a year or so later when things started taking off and my stats were soaring I thought it was time to give my blog a real name. “Lipstickluck” was a play on the Felix felicis’ potion nickname of liquid luck and being a strong Harry Potter fan I was greatly excited!

After around 18 months of blogging I was receiving numerous emails and messages a week from potential collaborators and this was the moment when I decided I needed to expand and take the plunge with my own site lipstickluck.co.uk, everything was going great and every spare moment I was planning, photographing and designing everything to look amazing!

2 years passed and I had a strong routine in place, everything was how I had hoped it would be and I was genuinely grateful for the support and how life was panning out.I remember coming home from work one day, going to log into my website to post and absolutely everything had gone! After making numerous calls and emails to try and fix things I came to the realisation that there was nothing I could do but grieve for my hard earned loss. Life went past in a blur but I’m taking the plunge and redesigning everything I once had! I will be ready this time! So stay with me and together we can build something amazing!

Hannah x